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Hi Everyone,I Am Mr Emma Uzo OR You Can Call Me Mr Emma, I’m A Music Artist Based In Bangkok. It’s My First Time Here And I Will Like To Know You All,Feel Free To Ask Me Whatever You Wish And I Will Be Happy To Answer You Accordingly. Follow Me On All Social Media For More Details. Thanks You All For Your Support,Once Again It’s My Pleasure To Be Among You All Today,Remains Bless With One Love.

Mr Emma – Ofor Ndu is out,Click to Listen.
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Happy new year with a new song Mr Emma-Ofor Ndu. Mr Emma on this one,The most awaited song is finally out,Mr Emma-Ofor Ndu is a well composed song,the track is specially dedicated to everyone that love good music,its a nice song perfectly furnished with rap and local dialects,i promise you will like this one because people have confirmed the song 100%. Follow this link to listen and tell me what you thinks,
OR Google,Mr Emma Uzo
,OR Google,Mr Emma – Ofor Ndu, Dont forget to like,comment,share and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Feel free to contact me for any services. Let’ s join our hands together to support this movement. Follow this link to visit and like my website,
Feel free to follow me on all social media with Mr Emma Uzo and drop your messages. Link on my bio for more details and ask questions to know more about me. For booking,featuring and more enquiry about Mr Emma visit my bio,i am available worldwide OR
You can follow this link to like my facebook page,
Remember to show me your support because your support can enable me to move forward and stay tune for more relevant information,thank you for your support and have a nice day

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I’m Open For All Opinions,Feel Free To Drop Your Comments And Tell Me What You Thinks.

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